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Sometimes life is greater than fiction…
Soaring energy, bodies sculpted through hours of onstage work, costumes that meld tradition
and modern times, and pure virtuosity are the essences that make LOS VIVANCOS the best-
selling and foremost flamenco dance artists of today. Composed of seven brothers educated in
different cities around the world, the entire family always maintained a strong but loyal
commitment to their passion, flamenco. From this commitment, the brothers went on to study
at the prestigious Barcelona Spanish Dance Conservatory.

All seven brothers speak a minimum of four languages and all play at least two instruments,
being able to write and compose their own original scores. As individual artists they have
worked as solo dancers for Rafael Aguilar, the Scottish Royal Ballet and Joaquín Cortés.
Perfectly disciplined, LOS VIVANCOS reunited and marked their triumph with the formation of a
flamenco fusion dance company with its own eclectic style that dares to unify flamenco, ballet,
martial arts, street dance, theatre and acrobatics. Their brand new show, BORN TO DANCE,
brings together the artistic collaboration of Daniele Finzi Pasca (Director of Cirque du Soleil’s®
Corteo™), with Music Director Fernando Velazquez. Their choral work of art combining
charisma, showmanship, and an exceptional sense of rhythm is setting audiences ablaze around
the world.

LOS VIVANCOS have been seen by over a million spectators from over 40 countries. They have
had a critically acclaimed performance on “Dancing With The Stars” and have received personal
recognition by royalty, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, at the performances at Monte-Carlo's
renowned International Circus Festival. Such worldwide appreciation is why LOS VIVANCOS is
said to be the musical-scenic phenomenon of this new decade. LOS VIVANCOS are only starting
to write their history now; don’t miss being a part of it with them.

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