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CIRQUE SHANGHAI DRAGON’S THUNDER is a gripping visual extravaganza of strength,
breathtaking agility and white-knuckle stunts for audiences of all ages, featuring astounding
Chinese acrobatics, fast-paced action, and contemporary staging. With some of the finest
acrobats in the world, “Dragon’s Thunder” is the largest Cirque Shanghai cast to ever visit the U.S. This brilliant and exciting group has a longstanding history of sitting in Chicago every summer for 3 months dazzling audiences both in throughout the U.S and worldwide.

Each act begins playfully with a simple challenging bit and expands and bursts into greater
displays of skill and beauty. The show captivates the audience with its masterful combination of ballet and gymnastics. This family friendly show is packed with death defying tumbling, juggling, flexibility, balancing, and other awe-inspiring acts, including “The Chinese Flex Bar” and “Gravity Swings,” that will take your breath away, and the traditional Chinese “Dragon Drums” which will stir your soul. For the first time ever in Cirque Shanghai’s North American engagement, the mesmerizing traditional drums will be an integral part of the production.

What makes Cirque Shanghai so magnificent is the high production value thanks to the
direction and attention to detail that Miao Miao Chen bring to the show. Her eye for a
beautifully balanced and dressed stage, and her skill, transforms the performance area into a
magical arena with rich lighting, powerful music, and gorgeous costumes.
Watching Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder will amaze, amuse and enchant people of all ages
as the performers push their skills to the limits and beyond.

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