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Folklore Mexicano Dance Company is a ballet folklorico group specializing in the indigenous dances from the various regions of Mexico; each featuring different vibrant costumes, music and unique dance styles. Folklore Mexicano Dance Company is a research-based group. Their dances are based on ethnological and anthropological studies conducted through multiple travels through Mexico and their interaction with the ethnic groups and master teachers from those areas.

Folklore Mexicano Dance Company also caters to mass media and theater as well as live performance. The Company is infused with refinement and stylization to fit into the most demanding scenic shows, world festivals, Hollywood movies and TV Shows. Folklore Mexicano Dance Company manages to capture the original essence of strength, vitality and intense passion of the Mexican dances. Nicknamed, “Anthropology in Motion,” Folklore Mexicano dancers push their bodies to their limit to impress audiences. Their intense performance and the innovative format of their interactive shows make for an unforgettable impression and expression of Mexican dance.

Having received numerous awards and accolades, their worldwide travels have led them through the USA, China, France, Italy, Dubai, and Mexico. Folklore Mexicano Dance Company has dazzled audiences around the globe and has been viewed by the masses on TV over 28 times in three years.

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