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Snow_CarnivalThe Snow Carnival is a purpose built indoor or outdoor attraction that contains a number of exhilarating snow experiences for the entire family. Race down gigantic snow slides, experience a real snow blizzard, throw snowballs at our cheeky elf and then build and decorate your own real snowman! Larger than life snow sculptures complete this magical experience that delights both young and old.

The snow itself is as real as it gets and is freshly prepared every hour ensuring maximum satisfaction for every guest. When housed indoors, our purpose built tent is climate controlled to a fresh feeling – 5 centigrade and guests are provided with “snow coats” to keep them warm.

The snow sculptures can be created in an incredible array of different themes and styles even incorporating local elements such as famous landmarks or regional celebrities. An award-winning team of artisans make the snow come to life with their delightful depictions of nature, architecture, people and places.

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